A Big Prayer For A Big Ministry

A middle-of-the-night epiphany inspired by the intricacy and enormity of the Ark that Noah was commanded to build and it’s duplication in Kentucky 1000s of years later:

“Noah built an extraordinary boat with beautiful, spacious, even luxurious rooms. All of it “just” for his family – or so it must have felt. But in reality, it saved humanity.

For my ministry as a mom, I’ve prayed small “humble” requests because I have not seen my ministry as significant enough to pray as I might for ‘million-dollar’ coffee shop ministries, a new church plant, or building a massive boat to save creation.

My prayers have been small because I’ve seen my ministry to my kids as small and calling it greedy to pray anything bigger.

Well, I am human and do struggle with greed. None-the-less I come as a flawed human in need of Jesus and ask this:

‘Would You, God, provide as much as You see the significance in my ministry to my children? However big You see my ministry to my children, would that be how much you provide? If you see my ministry as small, provide little. If you see this ministry as great, provide greatly. Amen.'”

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