Baby Bunnies in the Winter Cont.

In my last post, I talked about how the mommy rabbit couldn’t protect the babies from “Their Own Free Will.”  I just wanted to mention that baby bunnies are blind until they are 10 days old. At different times, two of the kits wandered away from the nest – probably just feeling their way around – and happened to fall out of the box. Sadly they didn’t make it back in before the elements took them.  I don’t think there is a good explanation or reason they didn’t get back to their nest. Maybe the mom was sleeping and didn’t notice they had left? They certainly were too little to crawl back up on their own.

Anyway, sometimes sad things just happen with no explanation or scapegoat to blame.

We lost 2 of the 6 baby rabbits due to freezing temperatures, but 4 of them are now fully furred with their eyes open. They are thriving and even able to just back into the next box all on their own.


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