Chicken Coop

We moved our 6-week-old chickens from their brooder to their new home in the chicken coop. The behavior of a chicken is striking. For 6 weeks we fed them, played with them, replenished their water, provided heat and fresh bedding, and gave them delicious treats that birds love – like dirt, grit, and kitchen scraps. After all that, it amazes me that they still don’t trust us. Unknown to them, while they were growing in their brooder we were diligently hammering away on their luxurious new home. Kyle had acquired left-over cedar scraps from old telephone poles that we used to make the walls of the chicken-coop. When it was finished it looked like a beautiful, rustic log-cabin – a real Taj Mahal for a bird. We filled it with fresh warm pine shavings, two roosts, hooks to hang food, water, and a heat lamp, and provided an area for nesting, when the time comes.

As we lifted the screen to their brooder, the birds did what birds do. They pecked at us, tried to fly away, squawked and chirped. Despite all we’ve done to build trust, they still saw as the “bad guys,” but in spite of their behavior, we gently gathered them into a box to transport them to their new, spacious home. We were delighted to see them make it their own – moving their bedding around how they wanted it and nestling in without even a “thanks.”

Of course birds don’t have the mind to understand enough to say “thank you.” To some extent they may develop a trust in us. But by nature, they will hide. They will defend themselves and they will take what we give them without appreciation.

I can’t help but be reminded of our own sinful nature and how often we too make God out to be the “Bad guy.” So often, we neglect to give Him thanks. So often we will hide from Him. So often we defend ourselves to Him and demand our own way.

All the while, in spite of our behavior, God is doing things for us that we can’t even see. If Kyle and I are able to enjoy preparing a glorious chicken coop for birds, how much MORE does God delight in doing good things for His children. Does this remind you of a verse?

Matthew 7:11 – talking about how God provides for His children – says, “If you then, though you are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much MORE will your Father in heaven give good gifts to those who ask Him.”

How sweet and kind of our savior, that in spite of our sin, works out everything for the good (the development of Godly character) of those who love Him and have been called according to His purposes. How beautiful and kind of our Savior, that while we were yet sinners, He gave us the most precious gift we could ever ask for – the blood of His Son to cover our offenses.

And though we can’t see it with our eyes, while we are growing and developing in our faith here on earth, He is behind the scene developing a beautiful new home for us. And if Kyle and I can enjoy watching birds enjoy the home that we provided, how much MORE will our Heavenly Father be delighted to present us with our new eternal home.

Unlike birds though, we can express our thanks. We can put our trust in God. We don’t need to hide away in fear. May all blame for evil be placed on sin and Satan and may all goodness and glory be given to our Father because He is indeed good.

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