It’s been months since I’ve felt inspired enough to sit down and write a post, not because of a lack of inspirational things around me, like the beauty of winter or staring into my baby’s face, but because all I keep thinking is, “Look at what God made! Here I am touching something He made, holding something He made.” I didn’t think those words were long enough or profound enough to warrant a blog post. But that’s what I’ve got, and maybe those small words will speak more than abundant words on a page.

Today, grab ahold of something that God made. Maybe it’s a stick. Maybe it’s a blade of grass. Maybe it’s your child’s face. Maybe it’s a snowflake. And just for a moment, pause and think about the fact that you are holding, beholding, smelling, touching, tasting something HE made. And in a way, maybe you’ll feel like you’re touching, seeing, feeling, smelling HIM.

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