Making Room

Did you know our bodies are not designed to digest pesticides and other harmful chemicals found in non-organic, GMO, processed foods? Nor are we created to consume or inhale whatever we want just because it’s found in nature. God does not need our help to re-create the foods HE designed for our bodies to eat, nor is it wise and beneficial to put in our bodies everything and anything we find in nature.
For whatever reason – be it financial profit, political reputation, or government incentives – the USDA and FDA have failed to protect us from cancer-causing, disease-enabling, and mind-altering foods, and substances.

Did you also know that we are not designed to live in a perpetual state of stress, anxiety, and worry? We are not created to control and manipulate people or circumstances for our own benefit. I believe the more we try to control people the more we lose control over whatever it is we are trying to control. I know this from personal experience.

How do these two things – Food and Control – relate? I am doing two different devotionals right now. One on prayer and in particular on surrendering to God’s will in prayer, and the second on food and how it relates to our faith.

My prayer life for the last year has been consumed by the space I live in – wanting more of it, or wanting it to look more beautiful and cozy. As I was reading through my devotionals from Pray Like This and Food Meets Faith, the Holy Spirit spoke to me so clearly that it might as well have been audible. He said: You’ve been praying for more space, beauty, and comfort, and now I’m gonna ask you for the same thing. Your body is my temple. Would you give me more space? When you live in anxiety and constant worry, or when you try to control and manipulate circumstances and people, you’re not giving me the space that I need to show my power. Like-wise when you contaminate my living space – YOUR BODY – with chemicals, substances, and other contaminants that you know are destroying your body but eat them anyway because they are culturally acceptable, then you are not giving me space to miraculously heal you. The Spirit that lived in Elijah and Elijah, and Moses, and Jesus – that is the same spirit that lives in you. You wonder where my power is and why you don’t see the miracles seen in the Bible. I’m telling you why. It’s because I don’t have enough room and the room that I do have is trashed by the foods and substances that I never designed you to consume. Let go of control but take control over what you put in your body. Your body is my temple and if you want to see more power and live the life you were designed to live, then give me more space!

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