Quarantined: An Invitation to Rest

The Spring rain is gently falling as it usually does this time of year. The robins are increasing and singing their normal cheerful song. The buds on the trees are peeking through at just the right time. The chickens are roaming around looking for bugs, bathing in the dust, and laying their daily egg. The compost pile is decaying as it should. The Earth is making its full rotation and orbiting around the Sun at its usual speed and Jesus is still victoriously sitting on the throne whispering an invitation to join Him and the birds in a peaceful song of rest.

Rest, My World. Take a breath. You’ve worked yourself to death and have forgotten Me. Remember the Sabbath Day that has slipped away with extra works that will only decay at My return.
Remember the Sabbath Year and the Year of Jubilee? They were all designed to remind you that the source of your life is ME.
Rest, My world. Breathe. I wish that you would cease from your labor. I do not wish to harm you but I will use anything to remind you that I am the One who has always loved you from the start. Remember how to live, how to play like a child. Remember how to swing, how to sing, how to smile. Remember conversation, meditation, relaxation. Here’s My invitation:
Rest, My World. Rest.

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