The Snow-Covering

The world looks like a different place
The filth, the dirt, it’s all erased
Covered by a radiant face
Of snow.

Abandoned houses left to mold
Darkened windows dreary and cold
Now a glorious sight to behold
In Snow.

Firewood stacked up like a wall
And garden fences standing tall
Evergreens grand and small
Crowned with snow.

Piled up logs from fallen trees,
Abandoned hives from last years bees,
And rivers stand out gloriously
By snow.

Snow is the blanket that covers shame
Snow is the quilt that hides all blame
Snow reminds of Christ’s righteousness
The robes of white Jesus gives to us

Softly falling like a canape
Snow brings quiet and serenity
Or blowing around most vigorously
As if God was saying ardently
“Come and hide yourself in Me.”

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