Dancing in the Rain

It takes blind faith to see that God is moving. However, creation graciously gives us physical evidences of His work if we take the time to see it and listen.

We are on the brink of a new season: Spring. It doesn’t take much faith to see that God is preparing the earth for the next season. It rains. The wind blows. It may warm up for a day or two and the Sun may come out. But then it rains again, washing away the snow, composting the leaves from last year, and deeply saturating the ground, giving the trees and grass plenty of water before a potentially hot, dry summer. The cooler days are a reminder that it is too early to transplant the vegetables that were started inside. Without the grace of a cooler day, there is the temptation to plant too early and therefore risk a frost that would kill off all of the plants. After experiencing winter turning to spring 37 times, it’s not hard to see patterns, hints, and glimpses of hope that the next season is upon us.

In life we have different seasons. Unlike the “mostly” consistent seasons of Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall, life seasons are unpredictable. They could last days, weeks, months, or even several years. In those seasons we can’t always see what God is doing – how He is preparing us for the next season. But after experiencing several seasons in life, there are a few hints that that can be observed. Little clues that say “Hold on. It’s almost here. I am working.”

Like the cold days at the end of winter that remind us to wait on planting, trials have been the “cold-day” reminders that the next season is eminent, but not yet. There is a tendency to want to move sooner than God is ready, or sooner than we are ready. When an idea hits our minds or a burden is put on our heart, It may need to be planted indoors first – cared for tenderly, given a lot of thought, mulled over, and nurtured. If we plant it too soon the atmosphere may not be ready to contain it. We may not be ready to cultivate it.

A rainy day at the end of winter can feel so depressing. We are so ready to be outdoors digging in the dirt, riding our bikes, going for walks, or playing at the park. The few warm sunny days scattered throughout can feel like dangling bate that is out of reach. Or they can be a reminder of what is to come.

So what do we do to hold on to our joy and not let depression sink in? It always seems the worst when we are just on the brink of a new season. So there is clue #1. It’s the same clue we get during the transition stage of labor. It’s the clue that says “I can’t do this anymore!” It’s the last set of reps when you’re building up to your max. It’s the stretching, strengthening, tearing, and wearing part of the season. But it has a sweet purpose: To build your character. It’s the clue that says, “You’re almost done and new life is just around the corner.”

So again, what can we do during the transition, the time when we are feeling so depressed and ready to give up? When our faith is weak, look outside and see the physical evidence of God’s hand moving and making way for the new season. Believe in your heart that He cares more about you than the trees and that He is readying and preparing you as well. And dance. Seriously! Turn on some favorite tunes and just dance. Embrace the wait and go dance in the rain. Perhaps God is just waiting on US before the next season comes. Waiting for us to see the beauty and joy of the season we are in, to glean all the character we can so that we will be even more fruitful in the next season.

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