Tic-tacs and ants

I have this drawer that is strictly reserved for the girls in my homeroom.  I fill it with helpful female products and with tic-tacs.  At first there was only one container of tic-tacs.  It lasted for at least a month.  These tic-tacs had to be shared among the whole class so you would only take one when bad-breath called for it or if you really had a craving.

I found tic-tacs on sale and so I bought two full packages and without thinking placed the entire purchase in the sacred drawer. Two weeks have passed and already more than half the tic-tacs have been consumed.  I heard that one girl dumped 12 of them in her mouth at one time.

Why is it that when we have so little, we save as though the thing we are saving will never again be produced, but when we have plenty we are so quick to consume as though there will always be plenty?

Is this the reason our economy is in such a predicament?  Have we got it all backwards? Even in our abundance, we grab and demand only to discover how much we want and think we need more.   Perhaps if we look to the ant we will see our solution.  Save when there is plenty to cover our time in need instead of demanding more beyond our own limits.  And, perhaps one day we will be brought back to the place where we savor our blessings – even if it is only a tic-tac.

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