Not Asking For Help

Dear Self,
You have friends that have offered to help you. You should take it. There are seasons, like now, that require a little extra assistance. It’s the end of the school year and you’re tired. Your kids are tired. It’s nice out and you need a break. Take advantage of the warm, sunny days to play outside and get energy out. Take advantage of the rainy days to sit on the couch and rest. Cease for a moment and stop trying to do tomorrow’s work on top of today’s. “Don’t be anxious about tomorrow. Tomorrow has enough troubles of its own.” Remember how joyful you used to be? Remember when life wasn’t all about tasks, Martha? Remember the fun in teaching, in raising animals, in digging in the dirt, even in folding laundry for your grandma when you were 19 years old because it made you feel like you’d be a good mom one day? Where did your joy go? When did you lose it? Was it when you turned your head and started focusing on others’ “perfections?” Was it when you stopped listening to God’s voice in your head and began to credit all thoughts to the devil? Could it be that you’re just plain tired and need a vacation with your family?
Take the help offered to you. Take a day off. Use your vacation money instead of letting it just sit there. Take a walk, smell the fresh spring air and remember why you born: To glorify God and ENJOY Him forever.

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